FEAR none, LOVE all…

“An entire body of water cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, negativity can not bring you down unless you allow it to get inside of you.”

FEAR is a cancer that creates a hazardous environment that threatens all who dwell within it.

From the very moment you decide to step out of bed, your energy can determine the outcome of your entire day. Even if you wake up in a good mood, there are many challenges you will face throughout the day that will ultimately threaten weather you go to sleep happy, or afraid. From the potholes in the streets to the trash on the grounds, continuously taking in bad things can bring bad vibes that will guide your heart to make bad decisions. The way we feel about the things around us control our lives, and most of us don’t like to acknowledge that.

A lot of us have to deal with racism, job discomfort, crooked politicians, and poor education. Then we are poisoned by chemicals that infest our air, water and also the food we get from fast food restaurants that have been strategically placed right next door to the liquor store and right around the corner from the gun shop. We get home and turn on the TV, only to hear about the Ebola virus, the war in Syria, and get meaningless statistics on how many people got shot after a baby fell from a window. We are being hit from every possible angle and most of us don’t even know it.

Then we have black-on-black crime, relationship issues, job discomfort, poverty, social anxiety, ignorance, selfishness, greed, obesity, and even preplaced judgment from unlikely religious figures. Some of us deal with all of that every day and still have to come home to a dirty house, a sofa that sits on a dirt filled lawn, and a pit bull that won’t stop barking at everyone who walks past the fence. We look outside of our windows and see our very own kids being threatened by cars that carelessly speed down residential blocks doing about 50 mph. The kids play only inches away from the curb. Meanwhile, that same car is bumping a song from their 12-inch speakers that chants either violent or sexist obscenities. Kids put their hands over their hearts and recite the lyrics as if they feel them all the way to the deepest the pits of their souls. We are killing ourselves and some of us don’t even care.

Some of us leave the house and see things we don’t like, and walk right past it as if it’s none of our business. By the time we get home, we feel like shit and don’t even know why. Uncountable acts of fear have been accepted as the norm in too many of our communities, and most of us feel that all we can do is close our eyes and hope it away.

When you see an innocent child shot by a scared policemen because he feels threatened by the way he looked, remember that it is the thugs fault for nurturing such fears as much as it is the ignorant policeman who shot him. We aren’t all thugs, but majority of our men and women look exactly like the people who enjoy keeping that type of company. We also speak the same language, and place the same judgments on each other.

We’re not just trying to make ends meet anymore, we’re trying to stay alive. People are DYING out here.

You have wounded neighbors that are laying on the ground with their hands up, but you won’t lift them because you feel like you’re either enabling them, or worse off, you say you have your own problems to deal with. How dare you ask for your “government” to help us when you know damn well that you don’t believe in helping a person who isn’t trying to help himself? They look at us the same way and will never come to the aid of a scattered people. Logically, there’s just not enough hands for that. 

The only cure for the cancer known as fear is love. We have to love ourselves, and every single person around us. Whatever we do- should be for it, with it, and about it. Every step we take should be heartfelt. The people who don’t believe in love only avoid it because they are too afraid to take the necessary risks. Love takes courage. A lot of us were raised as cowards. Love strengthens the heart which makes us all brave enough to trust, and believe in the better good that is inside us ALL. Without that, we’ll continue to kill ourselves in infinite ways. If there are so many different ways to die, then there is clearly only ONE true way to live. Love, and be loved. EVERYTHING else will forever remain unsettled.


Hate is not the absence of love, but the presence of fear.



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